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Outstanding ERAE Journal Article

The editors have decided that also in 2019 the Award for Outstanding ERAE Journal Article will be shared between two papers. The 2019 winners: are

Erlend Dancke Sandorf and  Danny Campbell, ‘Accommodating satisficing behaviour in stated choice experiments’.  Vol: 46   Issue: 1   Pages: 133-162

Sebastian Neuenfeldt, , Alexander; Gocht Thomas Heckelei and  Pavel Ciaian:: Explaining farm structural change in the European agriculture: a novel analytical framework’. Vol: 46   Issue: 5   Pages: 713-768


Referee awards ERAE

The editors of the ERAE decided to give the 2018 ERAE Referee Awards to (in alphabetical order):

  • Frederic Ang (Wageningen UR)
  • Ing-Marie Gren (SLU),
  • Jens Rommel (SLU)
  • Marcella Veronesi (Verona).

Congratualisations to the winners.

Q Open launched

Given the developments in the publshing industry on Open Access, the EAAEP Foundation (with the support of the EAAE) and OUP have taken the initiative to launch a new journal: Q Open. It is a fully open access journal that is based on a sound science approach, in which novelty and relevance or other subjective criteria play less a role than in the top journals. Your submissions of papers are now welcome. See the pages on this site or the website of the journal 

EuroChoices delayed

The first issue of EuroChoices for this year is delayed, also in its digital edition as the lay-out team in Hong-Kong is overloaded with work due to Corvid-19 related planning problems.

New EuroChoices co-editors

After 20 years of service, Ulrich Koester and Csaba Csaki stepped down as co-editors of EuroChoices. We are very thankful for their dedication to the journal. Out of several interesting applications the Advisory Group of EuroChoices with AES and EAAEP  representatives has appointed three new co-editors  as of May 1, 2020: Martin Banse, Imre Ferto and Tomas Garcia Azcarate. We also introduced fixed terms for co-editors, which can be renewed.

Print issues suspended

In the light of the Corvid-19 crisis, our publishers (OUP for the European Review and Wiley for EuroChoices) have decided for the moment not to print journals. This is normally done in the Far East and (air) transport capacity is scarce, where it is also thought that most readers work from home but have their copy delivered at work / in their libary. So please use the websites of the journals for access.

ERAE 2020 #2 is available online

The second issue of the European Review of this year is another large issue: 14 papers and a review article: Food markets’ structural empirical analysis: a review of methods and topics by Celine Bonnet et al. Enjoy.

ERAE issue 2020/1

The ERAE published its first issue of volume 47, February 2020. A very thick volume with 15 papers, too much topics to list them all here. In addition there is a Review paper on evidence based policy and food consumption behaviour. Enjoy!

website renewal

We are currently upgrading the website to reflect the new constitution (statutes) of the Foundation. These reflect that the Foundation is now more closely aligned with the EAAE and acts as its Publication Committee. This also implies that the Foundation is now, on behalf of the EAAE, responsible for the journal EuroChoices that is published together with AES via Wiley. In next days we hope to have updated all the pages with the newest information.