Relation with the EAAE

The Foundation ERAE (now the EAAEP Foundation) and the  European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) were created in a joint process in the first half of the 1970s. This process started at the 1970 Congress of the IAAE in Minsk where a group of Europeans started to discuss the need for closer European cooperation via a European Association and a journal. Several sponsors provided funds to get this started. The need for the ERAE was immediately clear as national journals in their native languages were seen as a barrier to the exchange of research results. With a grant of $ 10,000 by the IAAE, and after a start meeting in Siena (21-24 September 1972), the ERAE was established. The creation of the EAAE went slower and took place in 1975 at its first congress in Uppsala (Sweden).

In 1992 the ERAE became ‘the Official Journal of the EAAE’. This was initiated because the Rabobank provided support to the EAAE-Congress at The  Hague in 1990 and this support was mainly targeted at the Congress issue of the ERAE (Volume 18-3/4). It took a while to include this in the pages of the ERAE, but the first time this shows up is in issue 20-3 of the ERAE in 1993.

From 1995 on the EAAE started to award a prize for the best paper in the ERAE by a young scientist. To qualify the author had to be younger than 35 years. In 2008 this was changed into an award for the best paper (for all ages).

In 2008 the Foundation ERAE and the EAAE have documented their joint history (published on the website of the EAAE). In 2010 they signed a memorandum of understanding (also on the website of the EAAE) and downloadable here: MoU Relationship EAAE – ERAE

Important aspects of the relationship between the EAAEP Foundation and the EAAE are:

  • The ERAE is the Official Journal of the EAAE
  • The reduced subcription rate of the ERAE for EAAE members
  • The EAAE hands out a yearly award for the best paper in the ERAE.
  • The nomination of one board member of the EAAEP Foundation by the EAAE Board, in line with the statutes of the EAAEP Foundation
  • An editor of the ERAE attends as an ex-officio member the Board meetings of the EAAE, in line with the constitution of the EAAE
  • ERAE editors are involoved in the EAAE PhD workshops, at the cost of the  EAAEP Foundation
  • The invited papers of the three-yearly EAAE congress are published in a special issue of the ERAE and this issue is distributed to the congress participants.
  • The EAAEP Foundation sponsors one invited key note speaker at the EAAE congress which leads within the Aims and Scope to a leading article in the ERAE
  • In case of a vacancy for an editor the EAAE members are invited to apply for this post.
  • The EAAE Board will be consulted in case the Aims and Scope of the ERAE are revised or new initiatives are taken
  • EAAE Seminar organisers are invited to make proposals to the ERAE editors on special issues.

 EAAE Prizes

The EAAE has awarded prizes to the outstanding ERAE journal article, until 2008 for scientists younger than 35 years, later without an age limit. See the page on this website for the winners