The first issue of Volume 50 of the ERAE

21 February 2023

contains a review paper on regression discontinuity designs. And papers on date labels, export promotion, the choice between auctions and direct sales, visa for foreign workers, Covid-19 effects in Malawi and careers in arm-length contracting.

New deadline application ERAE Editor: February 28.

5 February 2023

On request of the editors of the European Review we have extended the deadline for applications for a new editor with one month, until March 1.  See our earlier message if you want to apply.

The ERAE turns 50

2 January 2023

Happy New Year. Especially to the editors and readers of the European Review of Agricultural Economics, that turns 50 this year. The Foundation was created in 1972 and the first edition of our journal was published in spring 1973 – the opening article written by EU Commissioner Sicco Mansholt.  We also thank Carl-Johan Lagerkvist, who […]

New issues ERAE, Q Open and EuroChoices

2 January 2023

All our journals issued new editions in December. The European Review had its December number (2022/5), Q Open closed its second issue of the year with 12 papers online and EuroChoices came with a special on agroecology.

Wanted: new ERAE editor

6 November 2022

VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT  Editor of the European Review of Agricultural Economics (ERAE) Starting september 2023 The European Agricultural and Applied Economics Publications Foundation, in short EAAEP Foundation, is seeking to appoint a new Editor for the European Review of Agricultural Economics (hereafter: ERAE or the Review) for the period beginning September 2023 (or as soon as […]

2021 winner

13 October 2022

The editors of the ERAE have choosen the recipients for the 2021 Awards for the outstanding journal article and for the referee award, to recognise our reviewers. See the pages on this website under the tab ERAE.

ERAE September issue

13 August 2022

The September issue of the ERAE has papers on Machine learning, the CAP and investment (aid), the CAP and small farmers, antibiotics, scaling up new technologies, food fraud, bio fuels and real options. Enjoy.

ERAE Highly cited collection

13 August 2022

Until the end of 2020 a collection of highly cited papers of the ERAE can be read free of charge. Her is te linke

ERAE impact factor 2021, Q1 status

4 July 2022

The 2021 impact factor for the European Review of Agricultural Economics has been published: 4.448. This moves the ERAE in the domain of Agricultural Economics and Policy: from 6 (2020) to 5, meaning the journal moves into Q1 in this category. It was already Q1 in Economics, where it moves upfrom 70 (2020) to 65. […]

EuroChoices on advisory systems

4 July 2022

EuroChoices 21(1) is published: A special Issue on Designing Evidence-Based Farm Advisory Policies for Sustainable Transitions. All articles Open Access