Downloads of EuroChoices an all time high

13 June 2022

EuroChoices saw an exceptional high number of downlaods in 2021. Most papers in the top-10 of the 100.000+ downloads were papers related to Covid-19 and the food system. As Belgium was after the USA the most downloading country, we conclude that outreach to the EU ‘bubble’ in Brussels works.

ERAE issue 3

13 June 2022

Issue 3 of the current volume of the ERAE is now available. It contains papers on inputs delivery, the US corn industry, co-movement of prices, ameneties of forestry, Columbia, chickpeas and rent-price ratios in German land markets.

EAAEP meetings in Parma

13 June 2022

The EAAE P Foundations has its annual meetings this year at the PhD workshop in Parma on June 22. The foundation meets with editors of ERAE and Q Open and with OUP and the EAAE Board. Send an e-mail to the secretary ( if you want to flag our attention to a specific topic.

Impact Factor ERAE 3.84

13 June 2022

The European Review of Agricultural Economics is pleased to announce an increased Journal Impact Factorâ„¢ of 3.836. In celebration, read the highly cited collection to view top-cited articles.

ERAE 49 (2) March issue

13 April 2022

The latest issue of the EUropean Review has papers on the topics in our discipline, environemental investment behaviour, CAP effects on land prices, African trade of mangoes, inefficiency in dairy, and animal welfare. Enjoy!

EuroChoices 2021(3)

15 February 2022

THe last issue of our 20th anniversary issue of EuroChoices containts papers on agrigultural policies and health, modelling transitions in Farm to Fork, disappointing new CAP, how to monitor the CAP, ammonia, experiments, UK organics, wildfires, lfarm labour and farm structure, insects and food waste, migrant labour, 20 years trade negotiations and small farmers in […]

ERAE [49]1 January issue

15 February 2022

The latests issue of the ERAE has papers on social networks, adopting precision farming, information delivery channels in Ghana, farm resilience, commodity risk in dairy firms, rainfall and credit, liquidity needs in dairy farms, en AfCETA. Enjoy.

ERAE issue 5

22 December 2021

The December issue of the European Review contains papers on Brexit, Climate variability, Yield risk, Early exits from farming, certifying wheat farmers, EU-Ukranian trade of sun flower and DT maize. Enjoy.

Q Open is open for papers on the CAP or Climate Change

8 October 2021

As the renewal of the Common Agricultural Policy as well as Climate change policies are triggering many research projects, also on a national or regional scale (e.g., for national plans), the editors of Q Open are especially interested in papers that, in a sound science approach, report results from such projects. Please consider Q Open […]

ERAE published EAAE plenary papers

8 October 2021

ERAE issue number 4 was published in September and contains the plenary papers from the EAAE congres, held online from Prague in July. And 7 original articles.