ERAE #2, April is out

30 March 2019

The latest issue of the ERAE contains papers on credence atttributes, farm level efficiency, decoupled payments, farm exit decisions, private standards and trade, meat labelling and retail concentration. Enjoy.

Coordinating Editorship ERAE

9 February 2019

On February 4, Jack Peerlings has taken over the role of coordinating editor of the ERAE from Ada Wossink, who will continue as editor of the Review. The foundation thanks Ada for her important contribution in coordinating the editorial team and whishes Jack success with this extra duty.

First issue ERAE 2019 available

9 February 2019

The latest issue of the European Review  (Vol 46 #1, February 2019) is available. With articles on Value eliciation, Weather effects on yields, Information effects on gmo attitudes, sugar trade, certification in coffeee and asset fixity.

2017 ERAE Referee Award Winners

23 December 2018

And here are the winners  of the 2017 ERAE Referee Award Winners. Congratulations!

Volume 45/5 ERAE is available

16 December 2018

The latest issue of this year of the ERAE is a thick one. With papers on plant selection problem, CAP employment effects, biases in discrete choice experiments, food price shocks in Uganda, adoption of energy crops, asset fixitiy and the impact of immigration laws in Arizona on family labour. And a list of reviewers. Thanks […]

In Memoriam Alison Burrell

22 October 2018

A long-term editor of the European Review of Agricultural Economics passed away. Alison Burrell was Book Review Editor (1990-94), single Editor (1995-2007) and joint Editor (2008-09). She has contributed greatly to the quality and success of the ERAE. Attached is a full In Memoriam.  In Memoriam Alison Burrell_EAAEP Foundation

New issue (45/4) is out

9 September 2018

The latest issue of the ERAE contains papers on impacts of row planting in Ethiopia, two papers related to coffee (forecasting arabica coffee and the Swedish coffee market) two papers on biodiversity in arable farming in France, downside risk exposure in German dairy farming and a paper with a Bob Dylan type of title: The […]

Vol 45 #3 July 2018 available

26 August 2018

The latest issue of the ERAE contains papers on Bargaining power, Eye Tracking, Family farms, Extreme weather and insurance, direct marketing and discrete choice models. Enjoy issue 45/3

Vol 45 #2 available

24 March 2018

The latest issue of the European Review of Agricultural Economics brings papers on the relation between direct payments and land prices, estimations of crop yields, impacts of CAP greening, difference in consumer values for food between the US and Norway and on the (un)inportance of agriculture for agri-tourism.

New editor: Salvatore Di Falco

18 March 2018

The Foundation is happy to announce that prof. dr. Salvatore Di Falco will become an editor of the European Review of Agricultural Economics on September 1, 2018. Salvatore is professor of environmental economics at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He will fill up the position vacated by Giannis Karagiannnis, whose term ends by that date.