Vol42 (3) July 2015 available

5 July 2015

The July issue of the ERAE is available in print. With papers on agricultural panels, distributional effects of food policy, economics of planting rights in wine, cost pass-through in retail dairy, self-interest inequity aversion in generic marketing and regulation of health claims in Italian yoghurt

2014 auditors

5 April 2015

The 2014 accounts of the EAAEP Foundation will be audited by Thomas Heckelei (chair of the Foundation) and Eirik Romstad, nominated for this task by the EAAE

Vol 42(2) April 2015 is available

17 March 2015

Issue number 2 of the ERAE contains papers on private labels, consumer cohorts, quality upgrading, sales at a loss, coffee cooperatives, organic drystock farming and off-farm labour. And a book review. Enjoy!

Board and editors meet in June in Rome

17 March 2015

The next meeting of the Board of the EAAEP Foundation, and its meeting with the editors and the publisher is on Tuesday June 9 2015, at the EAAE PhD workshop in Rome.

vol (42) 1 February 2015 available

17 March 2015

The first volume of the new year contains papers on risk and water trading, Nordic sheep farming, biodiversity, vertical price dependence in beef, decentralised innovation systems, gographical indications and the Germain dairy industry. As well as two book reviews.

New Board Member

5 December 2014

The Board of the EAAEP Foundation had dediced to appoint  prof. Giovanni Anania as a new board member. He has been nominated by the EAAE, to replace dr. Kyosti Pietola. The Board thanks dr. Pietola for his service to the Foundation and welcomes prof. Anania, who teaches at the University of Calabria (Italy).

Vol 41 (5) December 2014 available

5 December 2014

The latest issue of the ERAE presents papers on farm adjustments for water scarcity, measurement of flexibility, analysis of risk, valuation of options and the effects of the CAP on agricultural employment. And a book review on the economics of natural disasters.

New Board Member

19 October 2014

The Foundation is pleased to announce that dr Paolo Sckokai has accepted our invitation to join the Board of the Foundation. He is a former editor of the European Review of Agricultural Economics and very dedicated to the role of the journal in our profession. Dr. Sckokai teaches agricultural economics at the Catholic University of […]

Volume 41(4) available

19 October 2014

Volume 41(4), dated September, was already available for some time. For those who have not yet seen it: it contains papers on Fair Trade coffee, crop land in rural Vietnam, El Nino and fishmeal/soy bean prices, CAP liberalisation, beliefs and preferences in food choice, disaster relief payments and modelling participation incentives

Conflicts of interest disclosure

6 August 2014

We have put our policy for the ERAE on disclosure of a potential conflict of interest online. Of interest for reviewers and authors.