Q Open

The EAAEP Foundation supports the journal TQ Open by appointing and supporting the editors of the journal and by collaborating with the publisher Oxford University Press (OUP).

The journal has been launched in 2020, given the changes in the publication industry. More and more countries, especially in and including the EU but also beyond (in a coalition dubbed Plan S), demand that researchers financed with public money publish their work in a so called open access mode. This means free access (sometimes after some time) for the public. This changes the revenue model of the publishers and the learned societies that own the journals. Their income shifts from sales of subscriptions to billing the researcher (and his project) that want to publish.

The exsisting journals like the European Review of Agricultural Economics and EuroChoices can handle this on a paper-by-paper basis and make papers freely available if researchers pay for the cost of publishing. However such a hybrid approach is seen as difficult and the intention of the Open Access movement is to see this as a tranistory approach.

At the same time top journals like the European Review have to turn down many papers that are good science but do not score very well in terms of novelty in methods or relevance. This hurts the publication of replication studies, more applied work or research with nill results that does  not confirm earlier work.

Combining these two insights have led to the creation of Q Open. The Q refers to the Q-code of research topics in the Jorunal of Economic Literature, and signals that the journal is much broader in scope than agricultural economics, and  covers areas as developing economics, reource economics, climate economics, food economics and environmental economics.

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