The journal

The EAAEP Foundation publishes the journal Q Open. The Foundation (together with the publisher as co-owners of the journal) appoint the editors of the journal and supports them in collaborating with the publisher Oxford University Press (OUP). Here is the weibsite of the journal. 

A Publishers Contract defines the conditions and responsabilities of OUP and the Foundation. The current contract runs from January 1, 2020. An editorial contract sets the rules between OUP, the Editors and the Foundation. These contracts help to manage the expecations and makes clear each others duties.

Q Open has one Editor in chief and 4 additional editors specialised in a certain subject area that the hjournal covers. Some of them are based outside Europe.  Editors have each a team of associated editors. The normal term for an editor is 3 years. To keep experience within the group of editors a second term is an option. As all editors started at the same date, a rotation scheme will be developed to create a yearly replacement of one or two editors over time.

Editors are appointed by the EAAEP Foundation and the publisher. The editors are obliged to maintain an editorial board of 15 – 35 persons. The editors are responsible for having all contributions to the journal reviewed by referees eminent in the relevant field. The editors annually submit a report on the performanceof the editorial process.

The publisher and the Foundation have entire control of the appearance, design, format, frequency, length, price, marketing, distribution, and finances of the journal.

Support of the editorial proces

The publisher runs the editorial office to support the editors in their work. Oxford University Press (OUP) provides the following support of the editorial process:

  1. Submission of Manuscripts via Manuscript Central /Scholar One;
  2. Support of the process via a virtual office;
  3. Handling the final corrections with the authors of papers;
  4. Reporting on the performance of the ERAE

Compensation for editors
OUP provides a small compensation for the editors