Prizes Outstanding journal article ERAE

The EAAE has awarded prizes to the outstanding ERAE journal article, until 2008 for scientists younger than 35 years, later without an age limit. The list of prize winners:

1995:   V. Réquillard, J. Cooper and E. Giraud-Héraud
1996:   Jack Peerlings and Alfons Oude Lansink
1997:   Alfons Ballman
1998:   Stefan von Cramon-Taubadel
1999:   Alexandre Gohin and Olivier Mahul
2000:   Roberto Esposti and Ornella Wanda Maietta
2001:   Bernhard Brümmer
2002:   Andreas Böcker
2003:   Mario Mazzocchi and Nicolas Faysse
2004:   Cornelis Gardebroek
2005:   No prize has been rewarded
2006:   Cornelis Gardebroek
2007:   No prize has been rewarded

2008:  Thilo W. Glebe (Scoring two -dimensional bids: how cost-effective are agri-environmental auctions?)
2009:  Phoebe Koundouri, Marita Laukkanen, Sami Myyra and Celine Nauges (The effects of EU agricultural policy changes on farmers’ risk attitude)
2010:  Dan Rigby, Francisco Alcon and  Michael Burton (Supply uncertainty and the economic value of irrigation water)

2011 Celine Nauges, Christopher J. O’Donnell and John Quiggin (Uncertainty and technical efficiency in Finnish Agriculture: a state-contingent approach)

2012 Emmanuelle Chevassus-Lozza and Karine Latouche (Firms, markets and trade costs: access of French exporters to European agri-food markets, Vol.39: 257-288)

2013 Martin Petrick (Reversing the rural race to the bottom Vol.40: 707-735)

2014 Jason L. Lusk, Ted C. Schroeder and Glynm T. Tonsor (Distinguishing beliefs from preferences  in food choice, Vol, 41(4):  627-655)

2015 Alessandro Bonanno, Rui Huang and Yizao Liu, (Simulating welfare effects of the European nutrition and health claims’ regulation: the Italian yogurt market.  Vol.: 42(3): 499-533).

2016 Sergio H. Lence, Dermot J. Hayes, Julian M. Alston and John Stephen C. Smith, (Intellectual property in plant breeding: comparing different levels and forms of protection. Vol.:(43(1)).

2017 Roberto Esposti (The empirics of decoupling: alternative estimation approaches of the farm-level production response) Vol. 44(3)

2018 Two winners: Ellen J. Van Loo, Rodolfo M. Nayga, Danny Campbell, Han-Seok Seo and Wim Verbeke (Using eye tracking to account for atrribute non=attendance in choice experiments) Vol. 45 (3) share the award with Francois Bareille and Elodi Letort (How do farmers manage crop biodiversity? A dynamic acreage model with productive feedback) Vol. 45 (4)

2019 Two winners:

Erlend Dancke Sandorf and  Danny Campbell, ‘Accommodating satisficing behaviour in stated choice experiments’.  Vol: 46   Issue: 1   Pages: 133-162  share the award with  Sebastian Neuenfeldt, , Alexander; Gocht Thomas Heckelei and  Pavel Ciaian:: Explaining farm structural change in the European agriculture: a novel analytical framework’. Vol: 46   Issue: 5   Pages: 713-768

2020 Ruiqing Miao  “Climate, insurance and innovation: the case of drought and innovations in drought-tolerant traits in US agriculture”  Vol 47. Issue 5.

2021 Two winners:

Willemijn Vroege, Janic Bucheli, Tobias Dalhaus, Martin Hirschi, Robert Finger: Insuring crops from space: the potential of satellite-retrieved soil moisture to reduce farmers’ drought risk exposure Vol. 48, \issue 2

Laurent Piet and Yann Desjeux: New perspectives on the distribution of farm incomes and the redistributive impact of CAP payments Vol 48. issue 2