Referee Award ERAE

The European Review of Agricultural Economics has introduced a yearly Referee Award, to recognise the contribution of referees to the success and profile of the ERAE and, in a number of cases, the considerable value they add to papers that are finally published in the ERAE. In their selection procedure, the editors considered typical referee qualities as willingness to review, speed and content of the review in terms of relevance, exhaustiveness, constructiveness and consistency in follow-up. The awards, in the form of a certificate, are presented at the EAAE Congresses

The 2015 ERAE Referee Awards went to (in alphabetical order):

  • Stephane Caprice (Toulouse School of Economics & INRA)
  • Jan-Henning Feil (Cornell University)
  • Philip Kostov (Lancaster University)
  • Marit Kragt (University of Western Australia)

The 2016 ERAE Referee Awards have been given to (in alphabetical order):

  • Daniele Curzi (University of Milano)
  • Zein Kallas (University of Catalonia)
  • Sabine Liebenehm (Leibniz University Hannover)
  • Karen Macours (INRA and Paris School of Economics)

The 2017 ERAE Referee Awards have been given to (in alphabetical order):

  • Thijs Dekker (University of Leeds)
  • Charlotte Emlinger (CEPII, France)
  • Gregory Emvalomatis (University of Dundee)
  • Arne Henningsen (University of Copenhagen)