Support of special issues

The European Review of Agricultural Economics regularly hosts Special Issues in which one or more guest editors select a series of papers covering a topic that is considered timely for the agricultural economics profession. Examples of timely topics are those for which new research developments have occurred that are currently not sufficiently reflected in the ERAE content or where a relevant public policy problem is addressed by a series of complementary scientific contributions. The selection of the papers must take place following an open and well advertised call for papers, which should be either prepared specifically for the proposed special issue or linked to a scientific event like a conference or seminar. Guest editors must select the papers following the same double-blind peer-review process applied to regular journal papers.

The EAAEP Foundation supports the guest editors of special issues by a financial donation of Euro 5,000.- for a complete issue. For more information about the possibilities to propose a special iessue, consult the webpage of the journal.

A checklist for guest editors can be found here: Checklist for special issue editors. We ask guest editors to report on the evaluation of their work. A good example of such a report for a Special Issue based on an EAAE Seminar can be found here:  Example Special Issue Report