The journal

The EAAEP Foundation publishes the journal European Review of Agricultural Economics . The Foundation (together with the publisher) appoints the editors of the journal and supports them in collaborating with the publisher Oxford University Press (OUP). Here is the website of the journal

The European Review of Agricultural Economics is the official journal of the European Association of Agricultural Economists.

A 5 year Publishers Contract defines the conditions and responsabilities of OUP and the Foundation. The current contract runs from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2021.

An editorial contract (ERAE Constituion Editors as in contract) sets the rules between OUP, the Editors and the Foundation. These contracts help to manage the expecations and makes clear each others duties. Circa once a year a meeting is organised between the Foundation’s Board, the Editors and OUP.

The ERAE has at least two and preferably three or four editors, who are preferably located in different European countries.  The normal term for an editor is 4 years. To keep experience within the group of editors this can be increased up to a maximum of 6 years. Editors are appointed by the EAAEP Foundation and the publisher. The editors are obliged to maintain an editorial board of 15 – 35 persons. The editors are responsible for having all contributions to the journal reviewed by referees eminent in the relevant field. The editors annually submit a report on the performanceof the editorial process.

The publisher and the Foundation have entire control of the appearance, design, format, frequency, length, price, marketing, distribution, and finances of the journal. The scope of the journal may be changed only with the agreement of the Foundation, OUP and the editors. The  journal name is wholly owned by the Foundation. The copyright in the material is licensed by its authors jointly to the publisher and the Foundation in equal shares as tenants in common. The subscription list is wholly owned by the publisher.

Support of the editorial proces

The publisher runs the  ERAE Editorial Office to support the editors in their work. Oxford University Press (OUP) provides the following support of the editorial process:

  1. Submission of Manuscripts via Manuscript Central /Scholar One;
  2. Support of the process via a virtual office;
  3. Handling the final corrections with the authors of papers;
  4. Reporting on the performance of the ERAE

Compensation for editors
OUP provides the Compensation for Editors. This compensation amounted in 2012 in total €12,000 plus 10 % of total revenue. The revenue share is also called ‘Royalty’ and is provided after  determining the final accounts of the ERAE. If the total revenue is equal to ₤162,000, this would be ₤ 16,200. The editors share the compensation, either in equal portions or according to their burden and/or pro-rata according to the length of each Editor’s appointment during the relevant year. After 2012 the compensation in euro’s has been  adjusted according to the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) of the European Union.

Compensation for the book review editor
OUP provides the Book Review Editor an annual honorarium of  €800 in 2012. This amount also adjusts according to the HICP.

Language Editing

The EAAEP Foundation offers funding for English language editing. Authors whose first language is not English, and who have paid for language improvement on their article, will be eligible to claim reimbursement of the editing costs on condition that the article has been submitted to ERAE and has passed to the referee stage (i.e. reimbursement will not be paid in respect of articles that have been desk-rejected by the editors). Authors wishing to claim editing expenses should contact the ERAE Editorial Office (see the Instructions to Authors for the editorial office), and should supply a scanned copy of the invoice, which is required before payment can be made. Authors can claim a maximum of €250 per article, and can only claim for one article per calendar year. There is a limit on the total funding available per year; any claims received after this limit has been exceeded will be held over until the following year. The total budget available per year is € 5,000.-.

Disclosure of a conflict of interest

The ERAE has a policy on potential conflicts of interest, that have to be disclosed to editors. ERAE conflict of interest policy